We have been a Turkey-based manufacturing and export company providing high-quality products for important brands and companies since 2007. We have a successful production experience through Contract Manufacturing upon all kinds of bags, luggage, cases, organizer bags, promotional articles and corporate giftwares (please request our updated brochure for more information).

Our company has the capability of meeting high volume demands. We produce more than 2 million pieces in a year and have a potential to increase our capacity depending on business agreements. Some of the companies we have supplied products so far are: Asus, Bosh and Siemens, MediaMarkt, UNDP, Teknosa, Migros, Rossmann, Turkcell, Eczacıbaşı, Pegasus Airline, Toyota, and Samsung TR (please see our all references: https://www.mw.com.tr/referanslar ). We are able to provide services to suit your own design models or any other specific needs.

For more details or any other questions, you can contact us.

e-mail: ufukaltay@markateknoloji.com.tr   &  info@markateknoloji.com.tr

About the way we work

Since our company switched to contract-like production, we no longer create catalogs. We only produce the products our customers want. If you find a product with your own models or the features you want on our website (mw.com.tr), we can produce it in minimum quantities of 1,000 or more. Minimum quantities are higher for ultrasonic PVC make-up bags and interlining-based simple shopping bags. You can divide the minimum production quantity into 2 different colors with the same model and features.

Usually, our customers send us a sample of the product they want (we recommend it for the best and accurate price). Apart from this, if it is a simple or already known model, they send us its pictures and technical work. Then we continue with the preliminary price and sample process (a certain fee may be required). If the product and price are approved, production is carried out under commercial conditions.

We usually work with EXW or FOB delivery for at least 6 months with the companies we have just started working with. We will evaluate other alternatives as the collaboration progresses.

We recommend product and production inspection during the production process. The audit may be carried out by a representative of you or by an authorized company you appoint. Thus, the goods are inspected and quality controlled before they depart.